PRICE $3,095

Feral Goat Package

Here, you can experience exciting hunting on the islands of Molat and Tramerka, which have a strong population of feral goats.


  • Exciting hunting for feral goats
  • Strong game population of feral goat and wild boar
  • Scenic islands in the Adriatic Sea
  • Cozy accommodation

4 days from $3,095

If you dream of experiencing an exciting hunt on wild goats in beautiful terrain, then the hunting areas Bonastar (on the island of Molat and Tramerka) are definitely worth a visit. We offer here a unique opportunity for hunting wild goats and wild boar on these islands, which are located in the Adriatic Sea. The hunt takes place by boat along the coast and as stalking 1:1 around the islands. The population of wild goats on the two islands is very strong and here it is possible to shoot more than one wild goat. The package also includes 3 female goats and a wild boar.

The islands make up an area of ​​approx. 500 hectares and has a rocky coastline, a very dense vegetation and bare mountain tops, which is perfect biotope for
the wild goats and wild boars. The hunt is incredibly exciting. There is hunting season for wild goats all year round, but April-October is the most optimal period due to the weather. It is possible to rent rifle and thermal night equipment, which increases the chances of shooting wild boars. Croatia is home to a healthy
population of wild boar and there is the possibility of culling quite a bit on the 3 day hunt. It is hunting season for wild boar all year round, but October-March is the best period.

Hunting season:

Feral goat and wild boar: All year

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Departure, flight to Zadar, transfer to Molat
Day 2-4: 3 days of hunting
Day 5: Departure

Hunting lodge with double room or alt. single room depending on the size of the group.

A typical hunting day when the weather permits hunting from a boat along the coast:

Departure early morning 1-1½ hours before sunrise, and home again approx. 10:00. There is a rest in the middle of the day and a big lunch before departure on the evening hunt. Departure 2 hours before sunset if the weather permits hunting goats by boat along the coast and back home approx. 1½ hours after sunset.
Departure 1½ hours before sunset if hunting wild boar, which can be done throughout the night

A typical hunting day when the weather does not permit hunting from a boat along the coast:

Departure early in the morning where the wild goats typically stay on the mountain tops in the middle of the day. Here it is optimal to bring a lunchpack to enjoy
at the hunting ground. After returning home in the mid-afternoon, you rest and then a large lunch is enjoyed before departure on the evening hunt. The evening hunt departs 1½ hours before sunset for hunting wild boar, which can be done all night.

The price includes

  • Transfer to/from Zadar airport and ferry to/from Zadar
  • 3 days 1:1 hunting
  • 4 days accommodation with full board **
  • 1 trophy of feral goat up to 80 cm
  • 3 non-trophy animals of feral goat or wild boar up to 50 kg in dressed weight
  • Hunting license
  • All transportation by car during the hunt (max 3 boat tours along the coast)
  • English interpreter
  • Trophy preparation for local storage
  • Export certificate

** A full refrigerator is at the disposal of the hunters, mostly for own breakfast when returning from the morning hunt. A big lunch is arranged around 14.00 by the chef of the local restaurant, and lunchpack for the evening/night hunt is arranged. During the summer period June - August some of the meals will be served at the local restaurant which is only open during the warmer periods. If you have any special requests as to food, vegan or vegetarian etc., please inform us in due time. 

The price does not include

  • Transportation to Zadar
  • Hunting travel and cancellation insurance
  • Trophy shipping and taxidermy
  • Rental of firearms with daily equipment ($ 70/day, paid directly)
  • Rental of firearms with thermal night equipment ($ 95/day, paid directly)
  • Trophy fees for additional trophies beyond what is included
  • Firearm fees on the flight
  • Trophy shipping and taxidermy (agree and pay directly)
  • All alcoholic beverages
  • Tips for guide (pay directly)
  • EU liability insurance ($ 12,00 per person)

Extra days in a self-catering holiday home:
$ 310 per night (up to 4 people)
$ 475 per night (up to 8 people)

Trophy pricelist (EUR)

Feral goat supplement over 80 cm: (evaluation as per SCI, length/diameter of both horns)

Feral goat USD
80 - 99,9 cm  390,-
100 - 124,9 cm  780,-
125 - 149,9 cm  1.180,-
150 cm and up  1.550,-
Extra Feral goat  
Regardless of size  1.180,-
Female and kids  390,-
Wounding  390,-

Wild boars up to 50 kg emptied EUR 135,- 

Keiler  USD
0 - 15,9 cm  405,-
16 - 17,9 cm  780,-
18 - 19,9 cm  1.290,-
20 - 21,9 cm  1.470,-
22 - 23,9 cm  1.690,-
24 - 25,9 cm  2.050,-
26 cm +  2.280,-
Sow  550,-
Wounding   160,-

Dalmatian Hybrid Ibex EUR 4.050,-

Fox - for free 

 Search for wounded game: $ 115 (pay directly)


Michael Holstein Schmidt

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 11

Erik Pedersen Brinkmann

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 17

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