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Hunting for Barbary Sheep

A unique nature in the Spanish mountains forms the perfect setting for a traditional Spanish mountain hunt for the coveted Barbary Sheep - possibility for females also.


  • Traditional Spanish mountain hunt - unique scenery
  • Very sought-after trophy
  • Physically challenging hunt
  • Beautiful spanish accomodation

3 days from $2,945

We now offer an exciting hunt for Barbary Sheep in the Spanish mountains with our quality partner Luis. You can choose between a trophy hunt for a mature ram, or alternatively a cheap hunt for a female animal that also has horns - A perfect option for the beginner!

About the Barbary Sheep
The Barbary Sheep originally comes from Northern Africa and was introduced to Spain from the Atlas mountains in the 1970s. The Barbary Sheep has since managed to adapt to the Spanish nature and now lives freely in the south-eastern part of Spain.

In terms of appearance, the Barbary sheep has a light brown coat with a characteristic mane on the neck and front legs. In terms of size, it varies from 80 - 100 cm in height from the shoulder and weighs between 40 - 140 kg. Both the male and the female have horns (larger on the males) that curve backwards and typically reach up to 50 cm (20 inch). The horns are smooth, with light wrinkles which are extra visible at the base when the animal matures.

Barbary sheep lives mainly in the mountainous terrains of southern Spain, where they usually stay in large groups. It is usually possible to sneak into shooting distance via the many bushes that are found in the Spanish mountains. The shooting distance varies from 100-300 meters, depending on the individual hunter's shooting skills.

The Barbary Sheep is a unique trophy that many hunters like to have in their trophy collection!

The hunt
Spain is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to hunt Barbary Sheep on the free range.

The hunt takes place as spot and stalk in fantastically beautiful mountain terrain, where a good moderate physique is required to have a successful experience. The hunt includes the shooting of 1 male Barbary Sheep, regardless of size, and the guides always try to identify the largest male in the group.

The hunting grounds are located in the south-east of Spain, which is close to the cities of Alicante and Murcia. It also makes this a perfect trip to combine with tourism. The nearest airport is Alicante and the hunting areas are approx. 1-2 hours from Alicante.

We ensure that the accommodation is carefully selected so that it is as close to the hunting areas as possible. It can be hotels or cozy accommodations out in the countryside, and our outfitter always tries to offer the best service both in terms of hunting and accommodation.

Hunting period
1 October - 31 January (The best period is in October-November when they are rutting.)

Here is a real opportunity to have a unique hunting and nature experience in incredibly beautiful terrain.

The price includes

  • 3 days accomodation at hotel with fullboard
  • 2 days hunting
  • English speaking guide
  • All transport in connection with the hunt
  • Meet and greet at airport/weapon clearances
  • Spanish hunting license and permit
  • 1 Barbary Sheep regardless of size

The price does not include

  • Flights to Alicante or Madrid
  • Trophy preperation payed directly in Spain ($160) 
  • Export permit $230,- to be settled directly in the district
  • Gratuities
  • Rifle hire $ 175 per hunter payed directly
  • EU-public liability insurance $ 12,00,-
  • Everything not listed under ”the price includes”

Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Lars Storgaard

Telephone: (+45) 40 25 83 20

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