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The debate on hunting ethics is still flowing back and forth - even amongst hunters themselves. In this connection we are often asked about our views on, for example, hunting for vulnerable species, hunting in fenced areas, or hunting game such as elephant, polar bear or lion. For us things are straightforward. All the hunts sold by Limpopo & Diana Hunting Tours must fulfil three simple criteria. The hunts must be:

  1. Sustainable, legal and responsibly managed
  2. Ethically justifiable 
  3. Carried out in a safe and secure manner

There are many different opinions - not least amongst hunters - about how a hunting experience should be. We don’t believe that this is a debate that we, as a hunting travel agency offering a wide palette of hunts should be involved in, as long as the hunts we offer fall within the guidelines given above. We strive to offer a range of hunting tours that will meet the demands of as many hunters as possible, and we attach great importance to describing our hunts precisely as they are - we believe our customers are entitled to accurate and honest information, so they are able to choose the hunt that best fits their needs.
This means that amongst the hunts we offer, we arrange hunts within fenced areas, just as we in our portfolio of hunts have hunts on reared game at our disposal. As a client you will be informed about this, and many other equally important details before you book a hunt.

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