Before the trip: 

Do I have to arrange the flight myself?

On a package tour that includes the flight we will always arrange the flights and the final transfer to the destination unless we have agreed with the client to do otherwise. Your invoice will clearly state the cost of travel.


Can I bring my own guns?

Generally speaking it is usually possible to bring your own gun. However, in recent years there is a lot of airports and airlines charges extra for handling guns which can make it both costly and troublesome to travel with firearms. In those cases we will offer rental guns on the destination. In certain countries such as Poland and Tanzania it is illegal to hunt with rental guns, so in these areas you must bring your own gun. 


Can my family join me on the trip?

Generally speaking the family (or other non-hunting guests) can join the hunter on most hunting trips. In certain cases – such as on wilderness hunts – there is a limit to the number of people that can be housed in the relatively small tent camps often used. It is also important that non-hunting companions understands that most hunting destinations are not geared to entertain non-hunters during the hunt. More and more outfitters are increasingly aware of the needs of family groups and offer special arrangements specifically for groups including non-hunters. Destinations such as France, Spain, Mauritius, South Africa and Namibia have lots of interesting things to do for the non-hunters in the group, if they don't wish to join the hunters in the field. In general it is possible to prolong a stay and arrange regular tourism before or after a hunt. Ask us! 


What do I do if I become ill just before a trip?

Nobody is in control of their health. Therefore we alway recommend travel- and cancellation insurance to limit the consequences of illness/accidents etc.


Do I need a visa for my destination?

Certain destinations require a visa and different countries handles the process differently. Many countries does not require a visa at all. In some countries you can get the visa upon arrival. In other cases the visa application process involves visits to an embassy or consulate weeks ahead of your trip. Your hunting trip consultant will guide you through the process.


Do I need a hunting license from my home country to hunt at the destination?

In some cases you do – in some cases you don't. Your hunting trip consultant will know what you need on your specific destination. It is always a good idea to bring your license if you have one whether you formally need it or not.


Which documents do I need to travel?

You should always bring a printed version of the papers from the hunting tour agency describing the hunt, trophy fees, special arrangements etc. Just to avoid any misunderstandings about exactly what is included in the package you have purchased. Furthermore you should bring your hunting license, your firearms permit, your passport and flight tickets. Several destinations require that you have a formal invitation from the outfitter that you must show to the authorities when entering the country with firearms. Your hunting tour agency will get the invitation for you if you need one – just remember to bring it along. You should also bring your insurance papers.


What clothes and equipment do I need?

The necessary clothes and equipment depends entirely on the destination. Ask your hunting trip consultant and do some online research about the weather to expect at the time you are there. Observe that Africa is sometimes cold and Greenland is sometimes warm. In most cases you will get a list of recommended clothes and equipment from the hunting tour agency.


 Can I rent a gun on the destination? 

It is usually possible to rent a gun in the hunting area. Since it has become quite expensive and troublesome to travel with personal firearms it is increasingly popular to simply rent a gun. Therefore most hunting outfitters have a selection of modern guns for their guests to rent. The price of this service varies – but it is typically a lot cheaper than bringing your own firearm. Please observe that in a few destinations you have to bring your own gun. Ask us!


Will there be an interpreter in the hunting area?

In many cases there is and usually this service is included in the price of your trip. Ask us.


When is the spring season for roebuck in different countries?

The early roebuck season starts at different dates in different destinations. Typically the opening date is in April or May. Ask your hunting trip consultant about the seasons.


What is stalking?

Stalking is a type of hunting where the hunters uses his or hers skills to approach the animal with stealth to et within safe shooting distance.


Which species can I hunt?

At Diana Hunting Tours we have hunting trips for a wide selection of species distributed over most continents. With us and our partners you can hunt anything from birds like doves and pheasants to big game like bears or elephants.


How much does a hunting trip cost?

Prices varies from app. 700 euro and up. All depending on destination and arrangement. 


Is hunting a good thing?

It may be very counterintuitive but regulated sustainable hunting is always beneficial to the wildlife and its habitat. The hunt generates the necessary funds to preserve nature for future hunting often in areas where the only alternative is commercial farming which leaves very little room for nature. Selling the natural surplus of wildlife to hunters brings money, employment and food to local communities and motivates them to protect the natural hunting areas and the wildlife there.


Can I go on a hunting trip without having a hunting license or gun permit in my home country?

I many places in Africa it is possible to hunt without any formal hunting education, hunting experience or hunting license. The hunting will always be in the company of a professional hunter and it is typically mandatory to pass a basic shooting and gun handling test in the area before the hunt.

What is the punishment for illegal hunting?

 If a hunter hunts without the necessary local permits and licenses or do not follow the local legislation he or she is hunting illegally. The consequences depends on the nature of the crime and the country where it is committed. Typically offenders are punished quite harshly and will definately be in need of legal assistance. Do not engage in illegal hunting.


I am a new hunter – which trips would you recommend?

It is always a good idea for a new hunter to pick a fully guided hunting trip. In that way you will be in the company of an experienced professional hunter who can help you develop your own skills while hunting. Stalking roe deer in Poland or hunting plains game in Africa. Both types of hunting are a brilliant investment for a new hunter.


Do I need any vaccinations?

Check to see an updated list of vaccination requirements for different destination. Talk to your personal physician. 


How much cash should I bring?

The amount of cash needed on your hunting trip very much depends on the destination and arrangement. It is always a good idea to buy 200 euro worth of local currency to use in local shops and restaurants and for tips to the staff at the destination.


Will I be picked up at the airport?

Most package trips includes ”transfer” which is the transportation between airport and hunting area. It will always be clear whether or not transfer is included in the description of the hunting trip from your hunting tour agency. 


Is it possible to customize a hunting trip? 

Of course! We can customize a trip to meet your personal preferences. Just ask!


During the trip: 

What do I do if I become ill during the trip?

If you become seriously ill we recommend that you get in touch with your travel insurance company to coordinate what to do. Your local hosts will often be able to assist you.


What if I wish to hunt more than originally arranged?

In many areas it will be possible to hunt more animals than originally agreed upon. The extra animals will be charges according to the trophy price list that you have received from your hunting tour agency before the trip.


What do I do if I run out of ammunition?

We always recommend to bring plenty of ammunition on the trip, if you travel with your own rifle. 40-60 rounds is typically enough. In some cases it is possible to by ammunition in the hunting area, but do not count on it unless you are shooting with a rented gun.


What do I do if my gun breaks down?

In most cases it will be possible to rent a gun in the hunting area. In some countries – like Poland and Tanzania this is however not a possibility so please ask your hunting trip consultant exactly what rules apply to your chosen destination.


What do I do if the trophies I shoot are bigger or smaller than agreed upon?

Most guides are very experienced in judging the size of a trophy but remember that you are always the one pulling the trigger and thus responsible for the size of the trophies bagged. In certain countries like Hungary or Croatia it is possible to book a trophy of a certain size +/- 10 or 15 %. If bagged trophies falls outside that range you will typically not be charged (nor will you have the trophy)


What happens if i wound an animal?

A wounded / crippled animal is typically charged as a killed and recovered animal. In certain places wounded / crippled animals costs 50% of the regular trophy fee, but the typical approach is to consider wounded game killed and charge 100% trophy fee. All this will be mentioned on the trophy price list you will receive from the hunting tour agency. If there is blood or other certain tell-tale signs that an animal is wounded the guides will do what they can to recover the animal.


What do I do if I can't cooperate with my stalker / PH?

Bad chemistry between hunter and guide is fortunately quite rare. If it happens you should talk to the person in charge of the hunt at the destination.


Can I bring my trophies home with me?

It is often possible to bring smaller trophies with you home in the luggage but there is many exeptions to that rule. Your hunting trip consultant will be able to answer that question.


What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled and I lose a hunting day?

In some cases it will be possible to prolong the hunt but in case this is not possible you are entitles to compensation for the lost hunting day.


Can you assist me while I am on the trip?

Yes. We do have an emergency phone open to our clients around the clock. We recommend that this is used exclusively in emergency situations.


Is it customary to tip the staff – and how much do you give?

Yes. In most destinations the staff expects a tip. Typically hunters give between 70-140 euros in total to their guide who will distribute it to other members of the staff (if you tell him to). In some destinations the expected amounts are bigger. We will always advise you on the local tipping culture on your destination.


Is it possible to have my clothes washed at the destination?

Most of our destinations have a laundry service.


Do I have to buy some of my meals during my stay?

That depends on the package trip you have bought. Most of our trips includes all meals.


What do I do if my guns do not arrive at the destination?

In most of our hunting areas it is possible to rent guns. 


What happens if there is no animals to hunt?

We only offer hunts in areas with strong game populations so in general there will always be animals to hunt. It is however important to underline that hunting is hunting and hunters will not always be successful in bagging the game they have hoped for. If you have paid a deposit for trophy fees and does not have the opportunity ta kill (or wound) game, the deposit will be fully refunded.


Can I add extra hunting days to my trip?

In several destinations it is possible to ad extra hunting days if the days are not already fully booked by other hunters.


Will I get a refund if I shoot the game I want early and return before the end of the hunt?

No. If you for any reason decide to go home early there will be no refund for the hunting days you do not use.


After the trip: 

Hvordan forløber en klageproces, hvis der opstår problemer på rejsen?

Forsøg altid at afhjælpe problemet på stedet, og hvis du ikke selv kan gøre det, så tag altid kontakt til bureauet. I langt de fleste tilfælde kan der findes en løsning, men det kræver at vi er blevet orienteret. Det er endvidere vigtigt, at du inden afrejse fra jagtreviret noterer evt. fejl og mangler i protokollen. Hvis fejl og mangler ikke kan afhjælpes, skal du umiddelbart efter hjemkomsten kontakte bureauet med et evt. krav til kompensation. Hvis der ikke kan opnås enighed om dette kan du få sagen prøvet i Rejseankenævnet.


How do I make a complaint if there is any problems during my trip?

You should always try to deal with problems locally as soon as they arise. If you can not solve the problems yourself, you should contact the hunting tour agency immediately. In most cases we can solve the problem swiftly but we do need to know that a problem exists as soon as possible. It is very important that problems are noted in the protocol / logbook at the destination before you leave the area. If the problems can not be solved locally as the arise you must contact the hunting tour agency as soon as you get home and tell them what kind of compensation you expect. If you can not reach an agreement with the agency you can make a formal complaint to Rejseankenævnet (an independant Danish authority protecting the legal rights of travellers)


What do I do if my trophies does not arrive after a while?

First of all be patient. Trophy shipment is generally a very slow process often involving a lot of time consuming bureaucracy.


Will I get a refund if I shoot less than I paid for?

Yes. If you have prepaid trophy fees for animals you did not shoot you will get a refund. However, please remember that wounded animals typically counts as killed animals. Certain destinations charges for the possibility to hunt an animal – not a trophy fee – and in these cases there is no refund.


Will I be billed for extra animals I shoot?

Yes. If you shoot more animals the you have prepaid you will be invoiced according to the trophy price list of the destination. 


Can you help me tell my hunting story to the hunting community? 

Yes. You are more than welcome to send us your stories and photos for publication. We can even put you in touch with good freelance writers who can help you prepare articles for hunting magazines etc.


What do I do if my trophies are damaged when I receive them?

Contact hunting tour agency and trophy transportation company


What do I do if I receive trophies that are not mine?

Contact hunting tour agency and trophy transportation company 

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