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Buffalo Shot Placement & Trophy Evaluation


Kevin Robertson ''Buffalo - Shot Placement and Trophy Evaluation''

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Endnu en fantastisk "håndbog" fra Kevin Robertson. Skal du på bøffeljagt? Så er denne bog et must. Her kan du læse alt om hvordan den voksne trofæ tyr skal se ud. Hvordan du skelner tyr fra ko og ung fra gammel. Endvidere vises den korrekte skudplacering fra flere forskellige vinkler. Bogen er i et format der gør den nem at tage med på rejsen og endda i felten. Bogen er gennemillustreret med gode farvefotos. 113 x 150 mm. 147 sider

Much has been said in recent years about shooting only completely mature, solidly bossed Cape or southern buffalo bulls for trophy purposes. But what does such a bull really look like? Can you tell the difference between a trophy bull and a younger or medium-age bull with soft bosses that still has breeding potential? What are the characteristics of a true trophy bull? The questions most commonly asked on a buffalo safari are a) “What sex is that buffalo?” b) “How old is it?” c) “Where do I shoot it?” and d) “How big is the trophy?” All the answers are here in this compact, pocket-size book that not only gives you instant comparisons but also shows you precisely where to shoot and what the trophy is like, age- and size-wise.

There are probably more African buffaloes hunted today than at any time since WWII, for they are the most accessible and affordable member of the fabled Big Five. Make the most of your hunt and get to know beforehand what a good, mature buffalo looks like, where to shoot it, and how to judge its sex, age, and trophy potential before you follow their tracks and come face to face with a tangle of horns and a press of dark bodies in thick vegetation. That’s when you’ll need to make a quick decision, and this invaluable, fit-in-any-pocket guide will help! Don’t go on safari without one!