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Balearean Boc

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus ssp.

Sub - species: Recognised by the SCI as a sub-species of wild goat

Distribution: The island of Mallorca

Habitat: The mountains and coastal areas of western Mallorca

Description: A sub-species of wild goat. The males weigh 45 - 60 kg and a shoulder-height of 71 cm, the females are slightly smaller. The general colour of this coat is red-browsed with a characteristic black stripe running along its back down, and down its shoulders. The face is also black. Long, backwards pointing, gently spiralling horns.

This game animal is relatively new in a SCI-context and is a highly sought after trophy. It was introduced to Mallora by the Phoenicians around 2,000B.C. as a food source.

Hunting method: Stalking

Hunting available in: Mallorca

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