Hunting in New Zealand offers both an outstanding outdoors experience and unusual game species


  • Special Game Species
  • Extraordinary Nature
  • Huge Stags
  • Unique Hunting Opportunity for Tahr

Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand is around the same size as England but only has around 4 million inhabitants. The country consist of two large islands, North and South, as well as numerous smaller islands. The Nature of New Zealand is unique, ranging from the open grasslands, beaches and grottos of North Island to the mountains, rivers and lakes of South Island

Challenging Mountain Hunt

Are you one of those hunters who misses hunts that are both mentally and physically challenging?then a mountain hunt in New Zealand could be the very thing you are looking for. New Zealand’s hunting districts are typically in the high mountains, and are certain to put your fitness to the test. Here you can hunt red stags, chamois and tahr.

Huge Red Deer

New Zealand’s red deer where first introduced into the country during the 1800s from some of England and Scotland’s bestpopulations. Even though the numbers of red deer on public land have long been under pressure, legislation introduced in 1969 to legalise private hunting districts, means that New Zealand can offer great stag hunting Here strictly controlled systematic breeding programs, that have been now running for many years, means you can hunt for some of the biggest red stags in the world.

Good Possibilities for Chamois Hunting

Even though it is usually New Zealand’s  enormous red stags that attract European hunters, there are plenty of opportunities here to hunt chamois, The chamois, like the red deer, is not native to New Zealand. The first chamois were brought here in 1907, as a gift from the Austrian Emperor. They can be found in the mountains of New Zealand’s South Island.

Outstanding Tahr Hunting

With the exception of Nepal,  New Zealand is today the only country in the world where you can hunt the majestic mountain goat -  the tahr. Even though the tahr is not native to New Zealand, many hunters choose to hunt it here as it is moret widespread, and therefore gives the hunter a greater chance of success, thank its native range. The tahr is typically found at an altitude of 1,300 - 2 ,000m in the New Zealand mountaisn. 

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