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Dik Dik, Günthers

Scientific Name: Madoqua guentheri

Subspecies: 4 subspecies are recognised : M. guentheri guentheri (Somalia and Ethiopia), M. guentheri wroughtoni (central Ethiopia), M. guentheri hodsoni (southern Ethiopia) M. guentheri smithi (northern Kenya)

Distribution: Northern Somalia, southern Ethiopia, northern and eastern Kenya,  parts of southeastern Sudan and Uganda

Habitat: Low thicket-type vegetation in areas of thorn bush, savannah, grasslands, riverine woodland habitats.

Description: One of the smallest antelope species, with a body weight of 3 -6 kg, a body length of 65 - 75cm and a shoulder height of 35 - 40 cm. It has a yellowish- grey to reddish brown coat, a small head  with a long neck and large ears. The belly, chin breast, throat and inner thighs are cream/white in colour. The males have small horns circa 9.8cm. Females are larger and lack horns, but identification can be difficultly from a distance.

Hunting method: With beaters and dogs.

Hunting available in: Uganda

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