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Dove, Rock-/Pigeon, Blue Rock-

Scientific Name: Columbia livia

Subspecies: 12 different subspecies have been recognised, some possibly derived from feral populations. Feral pigeons are actually derived from domesticated rock doves, and wild and feral birds often interbreed,

Distribution: Originally the rock dove was a native of western and southern Europe, North Africa and South Asia. It was now been introduced to many countries on all continents except Antartica.

Habitat: Originally associated with sea cliffs, now usually associated with humans and common around much of the world, even in large cities. 

Description: Adult rock doves are 29 - 37cm in length. It has a dark blue/grey head, neck and chest with patches of iridescent purple and green on the side of the neck. The bill is grey and its feet are purplish red. The eye has an orange iris. It can be distinguished from feral pigeons by its white rump and two black wingbars. 

Hunting method: Wing shooting.

Hunting available in: Argentina

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