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Eider Duck

Scientific name: Somateria mollissima

Distribution: Eider ducks are found along the coastal areas of the northern hemisphere, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland.

Habitat: Eider ducks primarily inhabit coastal areas, rocky shores, and islands.

Description: Eider ducks are large seabirds with a characteristic outer down known as eiderdown, which they use to insulate themselves from the cold. The male has a black and white plumage, while the female has a more subdued brownish plumage.

Hunting method: Eider ducks are typically hunted from a boat using decoys or by still-hunting from the shore.

Huntable in: The hunting of eider ducks is allowed in some areas, and hunting regulations vary depending on local laws and the season. It is important to check the current hunting rules for the specific area.

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