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Genet Cat

Scientific Name: Genetta spp.

Species: The number of species in this genus is controversial, as of 2005, 17 different species  are recognised. It is possible to hunt three of these species:
Common Genet (Small spotted)  G.genetta - found throughout Africa.
Cape Genet (Large spotted) G. tigrina - found only in South Africa
Rusty-spotted Genet , G. maculata - found in eastern, southern and central Africa

Distribution: All genets are native to Africa and found throughout much of the continent

Habitat: Woodlands, from dense rainforests to savannah woodlands.

Description: Genets are slender cat-like animals, with a long ringed tail that is almost as long as their body, and large ears. There fur is spotted, the pattern varying by species, while all species have a dark stripe along the spine

Hunting method: Hunting at night, or if an opportunity arises.

Hunting available in: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania

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