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Hartebeest, Lichtensteins

Scientific Name: Alcelaphus b lichtensteini

Subspecies: Is itself a subspecies of Alcelaphus buselaphus.

Distribution: Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola.

Habitat: Open bush and savanna

Description: Middlesized antelope that weighs around 170 kg and measures 120 - 140 cm over the shoulder. Back bright rufous contrasting with the pale fawn flanks and the whitish hindquarters. The horns are short, flattened and thick at their base, strongly ridged with a double curvature, first outwards then upwards and inwards, finally backwards their terminal portions nearly parallel. ( The curves of Lichtenstein's hartebeest are the most markedly unique amongst the hartebeest's.).

Hunting method: Pursch or tracking with trackers.

Hunting available in: Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa (hunting farms)

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