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Hunting Area - Hunt for Wild Boar in Turkey

Our partner in Turkey has top wild boar hunting areas in various regions of Turkey. Everywhere there is a strong population of wild boar with many kapitale boars from. The Turks themselves driver hunting of wild boars significantly as hunting pressure is low.

The Turkish wild boars can reach a body weight of over 300 kg and trophies of between 20 and 35 cm. In the last three years the average length of the teeth been at 21 to 23 cm, with each class of 25-31 cm.

Our partner has a number of large hunting areas in the country. The primary hunting areas for wild boars is located in Anatolia around the city of Konya and in the Black Sea region, 2 - 3 ½-hour drive from Ankara. All in all, does he occupy about 1 million hectares of hunting areas. Most hunting areas is relatively hilly, with forested mountains mainly with pine, spruce and oak, and scrub with, among other juniper. Also in Turkey, the hunting conditions change with regard to weather or fourageringsmulighder., So therefore our hunters senndt to the areas where you expect the best hunting results, and sometimes there will also be a matter of changing from a revir to another - even shortly before departure, but this is done only to ensure the best possible hunting.

The hunt takes place usually only in the evenings and at night when keilerne day is inactive, and therefore hardly be seen. The hunt itself is a combination of pürsch- and decorum hunting by feeding places and ponds. Hunters are daily downloaded by hunting drivers in the accommodation and driven out of the district, and when the districts are so vast and large, run it from place to place, then stalking into the feeding places.

We heartily recommend that you provide good and bright optics and possible. night vision goggles. Our partner provides weapons declaration at the airport, transfer, driving during the hunt, accommodation at a local hotel or pension

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