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Hunting Area - Summer hunt in Greenland

The hunting district is in a beautiful location by a large lake close to the Inland-ice, around 35km from Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland.

Søndre Strømfjord or as it is called in Greenlandic - Kangerlussuaq - is transected by the Arctic circle, which means in summer it never really gets dark, while in mid-winter there is nearly no light apart  from moonlight and the fantastic northern lights. During March, when the hunt takes place, there is more than 12 hours daylight per day, as the day quickly get longer at these latitudes.

Normally you set off from camp in groups to search for the musk oxen. It is agreed in advance with the individual hunters wether the last stage of the hunt will be carried out 1:1, or wether one or more others may follow the hunt from a distance. The hunters wishes will again be taken into consideration before the final stalk is started.

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