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Free State province

RH Safaris offer hunting on more than 100,000 hectares of land in different parts of South Africa. The land is privately owned, and will not be shared with other groups while you are hunting. This wingshooting districts are managed sustainably, and some districts are only used every 4th week.

More than 90% of our wingshoots takes place in Free State Province, in the regions of Vaaldam, Vaal, Vals, Wilger and Renosterriver. This area is often called South Africa’s "grain barn" because of the huge amount of grain that is produced here. This is also why the area provides an absolutely ideal habitat for the many different upland birds, waterfowl, doves and pigeons, because there is more than enough cover, water, food and roosting places for them.

Pigeons arrive in thousands to feed in the fields full of ripe sunflowers. The season here stretches from February to the end of August. It is the experience of a lifetime to see so many pigeons coming from all directions and from every angle.

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