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Carpathian Mountains

Our redstag hunts in Romania take place in the very famous Carpathian Mountains. The redstag in the Carpathians are best known for their enormous body size and not least their trophy.

The Carpathian redstag  are characterized by their enormous rod length and often a slightly smaller number of rails, which we know from our domestic crowned redstag.

Hunting in the Carpathians can be made almost as challenging as you wish it to be. There are no highseats and the hunt takes place on foot. Normally you will often try to call a stag and when a stag is located an exciting and often completely unforgettable stalk starts.

There are also large plains on top of some of the mountains and here the hunt will not be quite as physically challenging as in some places where you can drive all the way up to the top as difficult forest roads, which are often only used by tracked vehicles from the forest system.
During the hunt you can be lucky to meet the free-living bears and it is possible to kill wild boar during the hunt.

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