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Impala, black-faced

Scientific Name: Aepyceros melampus petersi

Subspecies: One of the two currently recognised subspecies of impala, the other being the common impala (A. m. melampus)

Distribution: Northwest Namibia and southwestern Angola.

Habitat: Inhabits woodlands as it prefers to be in shade. Sometimes found in the transitional areas between woodland and savannah. Always close to water.

Description: A slender, medium sized antelope. It has reddish brown back and tan flanks and a white underbelly. The black faced impala is distinguished by a dark stripe on either side of the nose, that runs up past the eyes before thinning out as it reaches the forehead. It also has a larger black tip on the ear and a 30% longer tail than the common impala. It is also significantly larger than the common impala, reaching 92 cm at the shoulder and a maximum weight of 76kg. The males have lyre shaped horns up to 92cm in length. The females are smaller and have no horns.

Hunting method: Stalking

Hunting available in: Namibia

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