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Mainland Serow

Scientific Name: Capricornis sumatraensis

Subspecies: A total of 11 subspecies have been described, 3 of which occur in this region: 1. Capricornis s. milneedwardsi: Western China, Sichuan and Yunnan. 2. Capricornis s. argyrochaetes: Guangdong, Zhejian, Fukien? 3. Capricornis s. thar: Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan.

Habitat: Forest and bush areas with rocks and hills up to 2.700 m.

Description: Antelope-like animal related to the Chamois. It weighs up to 100 kg and measures up to 1,05 m over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 1,40 m without tail (12 cm). General colour dark chocolate brown with reddish brown legs from the knees and down. On the neck the hairs are almost mane-like. The horns are small, heavily built, backwards pointing.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait, driven hunt.

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