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Scientific Name: Procavia capensis

Subspecies: N/A

Distribution: Across sub-Saharan Africa, except in the Congo basin and Madagascar. Also occurs in the southern Algeria, Libya, Egypt and the middle east.

Habitat: They build their dwellings in any type of rock offering suitable cavaties and soils.

Description: A small, squat heavily built mammal around 50cm in length. It has thick fur from light grey too dark brown in colour. The colour is dependant on the habitat the hyrax is living in. The head is pointed, it has a short neck, rounded ears and long black whiskers. It has a pair of long, pointed, tusk-like incisors (it is in fact a distant relation of the elephant.

Hunting method: Small calibre rifles, best to target them when they are warming themselves, lying out on the rocks.

Hunting available in: South Africa

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