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Scientific Name: Vulpes corsac

Distribution: 4 subspecies: 1 Vulpes c. corsac: Northern Altaisteppe. 2. Vulpes c. turcmenica: Southern part of Central Asia’s steppes, Kazakhstan, Northern Afghanistan, Northern Iraq. 3. Vulpes c. scorodumovi: Baikalområdet, Mongolia, Northern China. 4. Vulpes c. ferrilate: Northern Tibet

Habitat: Similar niche to Red Fox, however the Corsac seem to stay away from human habitation.

Description: Medium sized fox weighing around 7 kg and measuring up to 35 cm over the shoulder, reaching a total body length of 50 cm, without tail (35 cm).

Hunting method: With dogs, snares, with eagles, lying in wait near bait, on horseback.

Hunting available in: Some areas of Russia and in limited numbers in Mongolia.

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