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Kudu, East Cape

Scientific Name: Tregelaphus strepsiceros strepsiceros

Subspecies: The East Cape Kudu is a subspecies of the Greater Kudu,.

Distribution: Only occurs in the East Cape region of South Africa.

Habitat: Its preferred habitat is woodland (especially thornveld) close to water, but can occur in semi desert and thick valley bushveld with sufficient food and cover.

Description: Large, elegant antelope with narrow body and long legs, with a brown/grey to reddish brown coat and 4 to 12 white vertical stripes running down its flanks. The East Cape Kudu has a much darker coat than the other subspecies of kudu. The bulls are larger than the females, and carry impressive, spiral horns. They can stand up to 160cm at the shoulder and weigh between 190 - 270kg.  The cows are hornless, as small as 100cm at the shoulder, weighing 120 - 210kg.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait

Hunting available in: South Africa.

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