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Namaqua sandgrouse*

Scientific name: Pterocles namaqua

Distribution: It is widespread in South Africa and a number of other African countries.

Habitat: The Namaqua sandgrouse lives in the drier parts of South Africa. It is common in the Kalahari desert, Namo Karoo and in parts of the Western Cape. This species only needs seeds, some gravel and easy access to some form of freshwater to surviveTheir habitat usually has some rough vegetation and dry grasses.

Description: The sandgrouse is a medium sized bird , similar in body size to a pigeon. It has short legs and a small orange buff head, throat and breasts bordered by a conspicuous narrow band of white and dark brown.It has two long black filaments that extend from its olive brown tail.

Hunting Method: Shotgun

Hunting available in: South Africa

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