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South Pacific Safaris

Mike and Deborah have a very good reputation, when it comes to providing strong trophies every hunting season. They are dedicated to getting you the very best trophy of your choice, and not only do their red stags, elk and fallow bucks score well, but they also have huge mass, width and points.

Mike has been on a number of guided hunting tours over the years, he has also been "the client" and therefore he has an understanding of the needs and requirements of a successful guided hunting experience from a hunter’s perspective. His motto is to treat all hunters exactly as he likes to be treated. When you spend time at the hunting lodge or join the team on a New Zealand hunting trip, you can expect honest communication, respect, and most importantly, the experience of a lifetime.

Mike is not only the Outfitter but also a full time hunting guide, along with Hayden who has worked with Mike for more than 10 years. Hayden is a dedicated hunter and expert hunting guide who is passionate about finding you the very best trophies possible.

New Zealand Tours and Experiences for Non-Hunters

Deborah has worked for many years in the tourism industry, and is happy to offer suggestions for your pre and post guided hunting and touring options within New Zealand. Deborah personally looks after all non-hunters, and is very happy to show them all there is to see and do.  Whether it be coastal walks, a trip to the day spa, whale watching, shopping or just relaxing around our beautiful luxury hunting lodge, Deborah will take care to ensure everyone is happy and well-catered for.

Whether you yourself plan on joining us on a guided hunting trip, or you’re joining your partner, friends or family at our New Zealand hunting lodge and would like to experience non-hunting New Zealand tours, we can ensure you’ll have an amazing experience.

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