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Sika Deer (Europe)

Scientific Name: Cervus nippon

Subspecies: Manchurian Sika (Cervus n. manchuricus)

Distribution: Ireland, England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.

Habitat: Prefers dense woodland.

Description: Medium sized der weighing around 100-130 kg and measuring up to110 cm over the shoulder. General colour brown with distinct white spots in summer, greyish brown without white spots in winter. The antlers of C. nippon has up to 8 points whereas it is not unusual to find antlers on C. nippon manchuricus with 10 points or more. The Sika has been introduced to Europe from Asia. The Sika is unpopular in many woodland districts in Europe because of the damage it causes.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait. It is very difficult to hunt the Sika in the countries where hunting is only allowed from sunrise to sunset, as it is very timid, and often only comes out in the open after dark.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution in Europe.

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