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Frontier Safaris

Frontier Safaris´ hunting area is one big area of 27.000 hectares - with open plains, mountains and thick bush.

In the hunting area you can hunt a lot of different species, however none of the Big Five, but there is a very big variety of antelopes from the small Grey Duiker to the big Cape Eland.

Although it is sold at discount prices, there is nothing lacking with the hunting, accommodation, food or trophy quality - quite the opposite! The hunt takes place on a well cared for district covering 27,000 hectares in one continuous area - quite big enough for the game populations to live out a natural life in the bush. 

Here you hunt in the traditional way - on foot, after the game has been spotted from a vehicle. In this district you can find good populations of all the local native antelope species such as kudu, blue and black wildebeest, eland, waterbuck, oryx, zebra etc. In total you can hunt approx. 30 species here!

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