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Scientific Name: Phacochoerus aethiopicus

Subspecies: Up to 7 species recognised, below descriped as one:

Distribution: All of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, excepting the West African rainforest and the desert of Namibia.

Habitat: Open bush and savanna.

Description: An ugly pig-like animal, weighing up to 100 kg, and measuring 70 cm over the shoulder. It has a compact elongated body and long thin legs. The face is much flattened, with an expanded muzzle and two pairs of large warts, the upper immediately below the eye, the lower between the eyes and the tusks, which add to its characteristic ugly looks. Coat very sparse and bristly. Tusks very unusual, used by the Warthog as "weapons" and digging tools. It lives in holes in the ground.

Hunting method: Pursch or driven hunt.

Hunting available in: All African countries with trophy hunts.

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