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Zebra, Mountain

Scientific Name: Equus zebra

Subspecies: Hartmann's Mountain Zebra (E. z. hartmannae)

Distribution: Mountain Zebra: South Africa Hartmann's Mountain Zebra: Namibia.

Habitat: Dry stony mountains and hills.

Description: A zebra with horse-like features weighing up to 250 kg, with a shoulder height of around 130 cm. General colour white or buff with conspicuous black stripes. On neck and body, stripes numerous and narrow (as in Grevy's Zebra). Both species of Mountain Zebra can be distinguished from the other zebras in the following: The stripes on the head are brown and on the neck it has a fold of skin. Furthermore the stripes reaches to the hooves of both species and are absent on the belly. Across the middle of the rump and the base of the tail the stripes form a "grid-iron" pattern.

Hunting method: Pursch.

Hunting available in: Mountain Zebra: Totally protected in all areas of distribution. Hartmann's Mountain Zebra: Namibia.

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