PRICE $9,995

Winter Hunt for Musk Ox

Endless vistas, howling huskies running at full speed, the smell of clear and frosty air in your nostrils


  • Overwhelming outdoors experience
  • The hunting districts in Greenland are totally unspoiled
  • Undivided hunting district of some 6,600 square kilometers
  • The population has grown over the last 40 years to reach an estimated size of at least 7,000 animals

3 days from $9,995

Greenland is like a fairytale come true for the nature lover and hunter in us all. The magnificent nature is overwhelming. Something you will remember the rest of your life. Greenland offers pristine hunting districts, fresh air, there are no electricity pylons on the horizon, and the only sounds you hear are nature’s own. At night the stars are clearerthan you have ever seen before, unless they are eclipsed by the endlessly beautiful Northern Lights, which if you are lucky, can be see at these latitudes in their full glory. The hunt for musk ox is really exciting. This animal must be treated with respect, it can attack if it feels threatened. Hunters will be in the company of guides who have years experience of hunting musk ox, the districts and conditions in Greenland. There will always be somebody there who can speak English. It is possible to hunt for artic fox, artic hare and ptarmigan at no extra cost.


The hunt for musk ox is carried out on an eight wheeled (Argo 8) or ATV vehicle. These have proven to be more effective than using dog sleds. These vehicles are used to spot the game, once this is done the hunt begins. The stalk can take over a distance of 200 - 1500m.

Hunters will be met in Sdr. Stromfjord and driven 1 to 1.5 hrs to camp by snow scooter or similar.Hunters you should be have an average level of fitness. The hunting party will return to camp each evening. After the hunt our customers will be taken back to Sdr. Strøm by snow-scooter.

If the weather is favourable, it is possible to arrange a dog sled tour after the hunt.

THE MUSK OX (Ovibos moschatus)

The musk ox has just been included in the European Grand. The musk ox is a tundra dweller, and is more closely related to sheep and goats than cattle. The musk ox was originally found alongtheu east coast of Greenland, but was prevented from “colonising" the whole of Greenlands by its fjords, glaciers and fells. At the start of the 60’s 27 musk ox were released near Kangerlussuaq - a hunting district with no borders covering 6,600 km2.

The population has grow over the last 40 years or so, and the population is estimated to be at least 7000 animals. The vegetation and feeding in the district is so good here that the musk ox grows 15% larger than in other  parts of Greenland, fully grown bulls reaching 375 kg.

The price includes

  • 3 Days of Hunting (1:1)
  • Reception in Kangerlussuaq and transfer to hunting district
  • All transport in hunting area
  • Accommodation with full board during the hunt.
  • Greenland hunting licence
  • Trophy fee for 1 Musk Ox Bull, irrespective of size
  • Preliminary trophy preparation – for head mount or as skull and skin.

The price does not include

  • Airfares Kangerlussuaq return
  • Additional Musk Ox
  • Services and meals/beverages before and/or after the hunt.
  • Packing, home transportation and clearance of the trophies.
  • Sealskin suit rental, if wished, winter. Price approx. $ 45,- per day.
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Arrangement fee, $ 230,- per hunter
  • EU-liability insurance $ 12,00,- per hunter 
  • Everything not included under price includes



Thomas M. Sørensen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 00

Ulla Fregerslev

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 43 02

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