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Arctic Fox

Scientific Name: Alopex lagopus

Subspecies: A total of 10 subspecies have been described, three of which inhabits this region: 1. Alopex l. lagopus: Continental regions of Russia (northern Siberia and Kamschatka) 2. Alopex l. semenovi: The Medney Island. 3. Alopex l. beringensis: The Bering Islands.

Habitat: Rocky, snow- and ice-covered arctic regions.

Description: Large fox weighing up to 9 kg and measuring up to 30 cm over the shoulder. It reaches a total body length of 75 cm, without tail (30 cm). The Arctic fox has two colourvariations: The white fox has a brown to grey brown coat with white underparts in summer and is snowy white in winter. The rarer blue fox is uniformly greyish brown in summer and bluish grey in winter.

Hunting method: On a kill, driven hunt, with traps, in connection with reindeer or seal hunting.

Hunting available in: The areas of distribution.

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