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Scientific Name: Phasianus coachicus

Subspecies: There are thought to be about 30 subspecies, divided into 5 groups: the Caucasus pheasants, White-winged pheasants, Mongolian ring-necked pheasants, Tarim pheasants and the Chinese ring-necked pheasants.

Distribution: Native to Asia but widely introduced elsewhere. Common throughout much of Europe.

Habitat: Ground dwelling bird of woods, hedgerows and fields.

Description: Male pheasants exhibit many colour forms as in Europe much hybridisation between different introduced sub-species has occurred. Generally the body plumage is barred bright gold or copper red and chestnut brown, the head is iridescent gren/blue with red wattles, with a small crest and red wattles. Some individuals have a white collar. Long brown tail, streaked with black. 60- 89cm in length (the tail accounting for almost 50cm). The females and juveniles have a duller mottled brown plumage and measure 50 -63 cm in length(including a tail of around 20cm)

Hunting method: Driven shoots, walking up.

Hunting available in: England, France, Hungary, Scotland

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