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Scientific Name: Anser anser

Subspecies: Two subspecies are recognised: the western greylag goose (A. a. anser) which breeds in Iceland and northern and central Europe and the eastern greylag goose (A. a. rubrirostris) which breeds in Romania, Turkey, Russia and eastwards to northeast China.

Distribution: Iceland and east  through northern Europe, Russia and Asia to northeastern China. Some individuals fly south during the winter .

Habitat: Freshwater, estuaries and grasslands.

Description: A large species of goose measuring between 74 - 91cm in length, with an average weight of 3.3 kg. The birds upper parts are dark brown/closely barred buff in colour. Underparts, head and neck buff with some areas of white. Some faint barring on the flanks. The bill is orange and the legs pink.

Hunting method: Shooting over decoys.

Hunting available in: Scotland

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