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Hare, European

Scientific Name: Lepus europaeus

Subspecies: Up to 30 subspecies of hare have been described, but the number is disputed and the differences of little interest to hunters.

Distribution: Native to much of Europe and part of west/central Asia. Introduced to many countries including England, Scotland, Sweden, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Habitat: Found in many types of habitats, especially farmland and mixed terrain.

Description: A large member of the rabbit family, with a body length of between 60 -75 cm and a weight of 3 - 5 kg. Long ears up to 11cm in length. Its fur is grizzled yellow-brown in colour, more rufous on its shoulders, neck, legs and throat. Underside white. Black tail and ear tips.

Hunting method: Rough shooting, walking up.

Hunting available in: Hungary, Scotland

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