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Hunting area near Nuuk

The terrain is highly rugged, and participants should be prepared to hike between 10 and 20 km per day, reaching elevations of up to 1000 meters. This is wild and virtually untouched nature, where weather, wind, and animals dictate the experience, and we are the guests. In the areas we hunt, there is almost no infrastructure, placing significant demands on safety equipment and signaling devices. The terrain is very uneven and occasionally quite impassable.

Additionally, participants should be prepared to carry their reindeer down from the mountains. A large bull can weigh between 75 to 100 kg. It is crucial to have well-worn, sturdy hiking boots and sensible hunting clothing that can withstand snow, rain, and sleet while also handling sun and heat. The weather can be highly variable, so it's essential to be equipped with the right attire.

The terrain is very open, so shooting at slightly longer distances should be expected. Therefore, it would be a good idea to practice shooting at distances of up to 200-250 meters, if possible. The minimum allowed caliber for trophy hunting is 243 WIN. While there is no requirement for soft-nosed ammunition, it is recommended.

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