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The Kliniska state hunting covers a total of 16,589 ha. of which 12,611ha. are forest and the remaining 3,978 ha. is farmland and meadow. The forest is largely coniferous (86%). The district is generally flat. Kliniska offers more than 85 high seats and stands together with 32 feeding places. Individual hunts can be arranged for up to 6 hunters at a time, however the optimal number is 4 hunters. Driven hunts can be arranged for groups of 12 - 14 hunters.

The district offers hunting for roe deer, red deer and wild boar, with red deer being the most important species with an annual quota of close to 200 deer. 40 roebuck are shot here annually.  Most  trophies are less that 280g in net weight, but bucks of over 300g are taken. The annual quota for red stags is 25 - by far the most of which have a trophy weight of between 5-6 kg,  with some trophies over 7kg and occasionally an individual of 8-9 kg are produced from time to time. Kliniska has a good population of wild boar, and these are hunted on individual hunts throughout the season, and on the 4 driven hunts carried out during the autumn and winter.

Kliniska is 40 km from the border crossing at Kolbaskowo (Szczecin), 30km from Szczecin which is the nearest large town and 25km from the airport at Goleniow. 

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