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La Pampa

The hunting district is situated in the La Pampa region. The outfitter Martin Telleria has access to a hunting district over 20.000 hectares in size, around an hours drive from the town of Santa Rosa, where you can either fly of drive to from Buenos Aires.

This hunting district offers fantastic hunting for red deer stags during the rut. The district is mainly flat, but the dense vegetation makes the hunt incredibly challenging and very exciting, as you can often manage to stalk very close to the rutting deer. The outfitter maintains strict shooting policy, and any stags without a crown are regarded as cull animals and so shot and removed from the population. Simultaneously, work is being done on “breeding projects” for large red deer in a so-called “high-fence” area.

In addition to the red deer, hunting for a number of other popular game species is also available. These include blackbuck, axis deer, water buffalo, fallow deer, wild boar, puma, multi-horned ram, Pampas ram and wild goat. A number of different bird shoots are also possible. The hunting takes place in open countryside over large areas of land primarily used for cattle ranching.

Best Hunting Periods 

March - September (but it is possible to hunt all year round) 

Advice on what equipment to bring: 

- Comfortable footwear: Medium high boots or gaiters  (waterproof)
- Poss. Light weight rudder boots or similar.
- A warm jacket for the cold early mornings
- A gilet or light jacket 
- Hunting clothes (Trousers, shorts, shirts etc.)
- A cap or hat
- Light weight gloves
- Shooting glasses
- Earplugs or lightweight  hearing protectors
- Binoculars / range meter

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