PRICE $8,750

Rifle hunting at La Pampa

Exciting rifler hunting with endless possibilities! Argentina’s La Pampa region is home to a wide range of hunt able species. Most of these animals are descended from game animals that were introduced into the country over a century ago -it is a real paradise for rifle hunters!  Book a package that includes 2 or 3 of the most popular game species (Including blackbuck, axis deer and water buffalo)

Highlights on the Tour

  • Argentina is home to a wide range of hunt able big game species
  • Good populations of red deer, wild boar, axis deer, blackbuck, wild goat and water buffalo
  • An excellent hunting and wildlife adventure
  • Hunt on a district 20,000 hectares in size!

6 days from $8,750

Our trusted partners in the  La Pampa region have everything your heart could desire when planning a hunt on the Argentinian Pampas. The work hard to give all visiting hunters  the experience of a lifetime, through a fantastic level of service and fantastisk service and their Argentinian charm.

They strive to offer a high level of personal service and cater to the individual hunter’s wishes and needs  from the moment they arrive in Buenos Aires until it is time to depart again. The people running the business consist of a group of hunters and fishermen who all share the same views on the importance of ethical hunting, conservation and good service.

The outfitter is renown for its serious approach to hunting, for always being one step ahead of events and making sure that the listing hunters enjoy every second of their stay.

Since Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed, so the rutting season takes place in our springtime, giving the passionate deer hunters an extra opportunity to take enjoy a rutting season hunt every year. This is an incredibly exciting form of hunting which, depending on the district, can be combined with hunting for other big game species.

In addition to the red deer, both axis deer and blackbuck have featured on the wish lists of many hunters. It is also easily possible to combine these hunts with a days pigeon shooting, which will give you the opportunity of trying your hand at bagging thousands of lightening fast doves and pigeons!


The price includes

  • 5 overnights on an "all inclusive" basis (Based on occupancy of a double room)
  • 4 days hunting with own guide (8 outings)
  • Rifle hire
  • Atrophy fees for the game included in i”Rifle package 1" eller “Rifle package 2" (See below)
  • All transport during the hunt
  • Transfers to/from the domestic airport from Buenos Aires Internation airport
  • All fees and licenses

The price does not include

  • Return flights Europe - Buenos Aires - Santa Rosa
  • Hotel accommodation before or after the hunt
  • Accommodation for any non hunting guests $ 290 pr. person pr. day
  • Final invoice for game shot - following the raid price list 
  • Upgrade to pigeon shooting, $ 300,- pr. person
    - Supplement for 1 extra hunting day including pigeon shooting $ 700,-
    - Cartridges for pigeon shooting $ 18 per box of 25 cartridges .
  • Gratuities for the staff (Normally $ 50 pr. hunter/companion per day)
  • Single room supplement (depending on the number of hunters staying in the lodge) 
  • Dip & pack and shipment of trophies home (arranged with the outfitter)
  • Export permits / Tag per trophy, $ 60
  • EU-liability insurance $ 12,- (obligatory)
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Everything else not included under “The Price Includes”

Choose between the two packages shown below: 

Shooting of 1 Blackbuck of unlimited size
Shooting of 1 Axis of unlimited size

Shooting of f 1 Blackbuck of up to 55 SCI (Bronze)
Shooting of 1 Axis  stag of up to 110 SCI (Bronze) 
Shooting of 1 water buffalo of up to 75 SCI (Representative trophy) 

Medal Criteria (SCI) 

Bronze = 54 SCI
Silver = 58 3/4 SCI
Gold = 63 7/8 SCI 

Axis Stag
Bronze = 105 SCI
Silver = 132 1/4 SCI
Gold = 141 3/4 SCI 

Water Buffalo
Bronze = 75 SCI
Silver = 83 5/8 SCI
Gold = 90 3/4 SCI 

Payment of extras costs/supplements

All extras costs/supplements should be paid directly to the outfitter on site, in cash. Alternatively you can pay to Diana Hunting Tours after you arrive home, when the final invoice for the tour is presented. All payments made by bank transfer will be liable to the addition of 6% Argentina sales tax to the amount owed.

 TROPHY PRICELIST (prices in US-dollar)

51 7/8 SCI or less 1065    Up to 101 7/8 SCI  2020
52 to 54 7/8 SCI 1330    102 to 109 7/8 SCI  2445  
55 to 57 2/8 SCI 1595   110 to 114 5/8 SCI 2660  
57 3/8 to 60 3/8 SCI 1860   114 6/8 to 121 7/8 SCI 2875 
60 4/8 to 64 7/8 SCI 2150    122 to 129 7/8 SCI 3085 
per extra 1"  320   130 to 139 7/8 SCI 3295
Female  745   per extra 1" 320 
 74 7/8 SCI or less 3190   Representative 1175
75 to 79 7/8 SCI 3615   Over 85 SCI 1700 
80 to 83 5/8 SCI 4050   Female  745
83 6/8 to 90 5/8 SCI 4465      
90 6/8 to 101 7/8 SCI   5100      
102 to 109 7/8 SCI 5740      
per extra 1"  535      
"Free Range"
regardless of trophy size 
4250   Representative 850
"Estate stag"
up to 300 SCI
4785   Gold Medal/over 21 SCI 1595 
Gold medal "Estate stag" POR    Sow/ yearling 535 
Representative 2875   Representative 2875
Over 210 SCI 4575   Over 115 SCI 4785
Female/calf 745   Female  745
Representative 1065   Representative 1175
Over 70 SCI 1485   Over 100 SCI 1595
Female 745   Female 745


 Wounded and not found game = shot game 


Joakim Pedersen

Telephone: (+45) 63 21 10 26

Sten Sjögren

Telephone: 070-830 53 43

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