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New Mexico

The American State of New Mexico, borders Texas to the east and south, Mexico to the south west, Arizona to the west, Utah to the north west, Oklahoma to the north east and Colarado to the north.

Both English and Spanish are commonly spoken here, Spanish speakers accounting forover 40% of the population. Many of them are descendents of the Spanish settlers who lived in New Mexico before it became part of the USA. This can also be clearly seen in the states architecture, which shows a large Spanish influence. The same is true of the food, where Spanish favourites such as tortillas and beans are very popular.

New Mexico is famous for its good hunting for Pronghorn Antelope, but here you can also find good hunting for Elk and Mule Deer stags.

Most of our hunting districts primarily lie in northern New Mexico, close to the town of Raton. The area offers beautiful, game rich terrain, characterised by areas of prairie and stoney hill-country,

In these surroundings we can offer guided hunts for Pronghorn antelope, on private ranches with good populations of game.

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