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Hunting Area - Tajikistan

Our partner can offer hunting in two different districts in the Pamir Mountains. Here you will find a wild and beautiful mountain landscape. Marco Polo sheep are most often found on relatively flat alpine meadows which offer good grazing. This hunt is therefore not challenging because of steep terrain, but because you will be hunting at high altitude.

Hunting takes place from the mountain ridges, from where you will spend a lot of time scanning the mountainsides and high altitude meadows. Each hunter is guided by 2 - 3 people, the guides are also responsible for setting up camp, preparing meals, scanning the terrain, skinning trophies etc. Once a good ram has been spotted, the stalking starts. You hunt at altitudes of up to circa 5.000m above sea level, so it is important to be in good shape. You should expect to take you shot from long range, up to 400-500 m is not unusual on a Marco Polo hunt, so it is important that your marksmanship skills have been well trained.

Under normal circumstances you will have managed to shoot your Marco Polo after 2 to 4 days hunting. You will then return to your base camp where you can relax, enjoy some good food, wash and enjoy a good sleep in a comfortable bed. After a day or two of rest and relaxation in camp you will then ride out to the higher mountains to hunt for mid-Asian ibex. A successful ibex hunt normally takes 2 or 3 days, and if you still have some time to spare afterwards, you will spend the last couple of days relaxing in the main camp, perhaps enjoying a sauna, or going for some short walks in the beautiful landscape. The average trophy size for ibex here lies between 105 – 120 cm.

Your hunt will be carried out in the company of skilled and very competent hunting guides, who will ensure you enjoy the best possible hunting experience, and achieve a good result.

Itinerary (via Bishkek):

  • Day 1 Early morning arrival in Bishkek, domestic flight to Osh. Overnight in a hotel.
  • Day 2 Car transfer from Osh to the hunting district.
  • Day 3 Arrival at base camp on horseback or by car. Relaxation in camp
  • Days 4-10 Up to 7-8 days hunting
  • Day 11/12 Transfer back to Osh. Overnight in Osh or fly to Bishkek and further on to Europe.

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