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Hyena, Spotted

Scientific Name: Crocuta crocuta

Subspecies: None

Distribution: Most of Africa with exception of the West African rainforest and South Africa.

Habitat: Open bush and grasslands.

Description: Medium-sized dog like animal with a compact body and strong legs. It achieves a weight of about 70 kg. and a height of 80 cm. mesuared across the shoulders. The head is broad and snout short. Metasome is somewhat lower than the front body which helps to give the animal suck a characteristic appearance. The coat is short and light brown with dark brown spots. Hyenas are mainly scavengers which are able to eat and digest contaminated meat. It is rarely that the hyenas resign their prey themselves. Hyenas are able to crush even very large bones with their powerful jaws.

Hunting method: Shot often associated with lion hunting but can also be hunted associated with carcass.

Hunting available in: All African countries with trophy hunting.

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