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Hayes & Hayes

H & H Outfitters, owned and operated by Alex and Zeke Hayes, has spent the last 17 years exceeding their client’s expectations and developing a reputation as one of the finest in the business.

Cordoba Province offers the best dove shooting in the world. The mild climate, extensive agriculture, and perfect roosting conditions produce an ever-increasing population of doves. H & H Outfitters, located in northern Cordoba, provides the finest dove shooting in Argentina.

H & H Outfitters own and control over 20,000 acres of the best land in the heart of the prime roosting areas in Argentina. The roosting ground is a heavily wooded area with native trees called Piquillin, frequently crossed by natural streams, producing an ideal habitat for the reproduction of doves. Vast and fertile valleys that furnish immense quantities of grain surround these refuges. In addition, Alex and Zeke plant crops exclusively for doves on their land and use no-till methods which provide consistent and unlimited amounts of food. By practicing these game management techniques, we are the only Outfitter in the area that offers excellent shooting throughout the entire year.

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