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Mouflon Hunting in Poland

A big mouflon ram is a trophy which deserves to hang on every European rifle hunter’s wall! Poland is a well know destination for hunting Europe’s only wild sheep, and the hunting in Poland is ALWAYS in the open countryside. In our districts you can find mouflon belonging to all trophy classes.

Mouflon have their origins in the Mediterranean region, in fact you can still find an original population of these sheep on the island of Corsica. From here this species was introduced over a large part of central Europe, where it really thrives in the vast forests found in this area.

We have access to some of the very best State Forest Districts in south west Poland, which offer top quality mouflon hunting. These State Forest Districts all have well trained, experienced and very responsible hunting guides, who each have their own areas in the districts, which they know like the back of their own hands.

The hunt usually takes the form of stalking or lying in wait on one of the towers that have been optimally placed in each district, with regard to the mouflon’s behavioural patterns. The hunting season for mouflon rams is from October to the end of February.

If you want to be certain of shooting a ram carrying its handsome, dark winter coat, you should plan your hunt for the end of November or later. You will normally go hunting twice a day, in the early morning and evening, but it sometimes occurs that you will hunt all day, virtually without  pause. In most cases it will be possible to combine your hunt with hunting for red deer, roe deer, wild boar as well as mouflon ewes and lambs.

In Poland mouflon are only found in the open countryside, as hunting in enclosed areas is not allowed under Polish hunting legislation. We are proud to offer some very exciting hunting for this wary and alert wild sheep, and our districts can offer a wide range of different trophy quality.

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