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Scientific Name: Struthio camelus

Subspecies: There are three living and one extinct subspecies of common ostrich:

North African Ostrich(S. c. camelus), South African Ostrich (S. c. australis), Masai Ostrich (S. c. massaicus) and the extinct Arabian Ostrich( S. c. camelus).

Distribution: The Sahel, parts of East Africa and Southern Africa

Habitat: Plains, open thorn bush country and semi-desert.

Description: The largest living bird. Flightless. Unmistakable, long neck and legs, small head, all devoid of feathers. 2 - 2.8m high. Males have black and white plumage, females greyish brown.  

Hunting method: Stalking

Hunting available in: Namibia, South Africa

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