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Zebra, Grevy's

Scientific Name: Equus grevyi

Subspecies: None.

Distribution: Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Habitat: Sub-desert steppe and arid bushland.

Description: A zebra with horse-like features weighing around 430 kg, with a shoulder height of around 150 cm. General colour white, numerous narrow black stripes vertical across neck and body to the rump. The stripes reaches to the hooves of the animal. This zebra has no black stripes on the belly.

Hunting method: Pursch. Often the "donkey-walk" method where two people walk in a line, the person in the back slightly bend forwards so that the couple may appear like a four legged animal from a distance. In this way it is sometimes possible to approach quite close to the zebras.

Hunting available in: Grevy's Zebra is protected in its total area of distribution.

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