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Camp Sayan

On arrival in the hunting district you will spend your first night here in a charming cabin on the banks of the river. This cabin has a number of bedrooms, a sitting and dining room, a sauna, bathroom and toilet, and taking into account its remote location it is very comfortable indeed.  Here you can “shoot-in” your rifle and re-pack for the days you will spend in the mountains.

The next morning, with your guides, hunters sail along the river in a small boat, before going ashore and embarking on a 4-6 hour walk to a hunting cabin up on the mountainside.  From here you will hunt for 7-8 days. This cabin is relatively simple, offering a small room with a table and a couple of chairs, a couple of sleeping areas and a stove, which is used for heating, cooking and drying clothes.  There are absolutely no luxuries, but the surrounding landscape is absolutely fantastic. After your hunt has finished, the hunters and their guides return to the large cabin by the river. From here a motor boat will take you back down the river, before you fly home from Abakan via Moscow.

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