Hunting in Pakistan Offers an Unimaginable Wildlife Adventure in Some of the Worlds Most Inaccessible Mountain Ranges


  • Wild, Mountainous Surroundings
  • Many Unique Mountain Game Species
  • Physically Challenging Hunting
  • Exciting Culture

Hunting in Pakistan

Since Pakistan became apart of the British Empire’s Indian colonies , it has been renown for excellent hunting for a myriad of game species that make their home in the mountains here. The country which  is almost 800,000 square kilometers in size – nearly 17 time the size of Denmark – incorporates many mountain ranges that are geographically isolated from each other, which has created habitats for some very varied species mountain sheep and goats and their many subspecies, all of which are much sought after by international mountain hunters.

Many of Pakistan’s native game species teetered on the brink of extinction – first and foremost because of local poaching – but in recent decades the country’s game populations have recovered to such an extent, that a limited level of thoroughly regulated trophy hunting can be carried out for selected, old male animals. Hunting licenses are sold at public tender, which means that prices vary according to demand. Of the money raised by the sale of hunting licenses, 20% goes to the state while 80% is distributed to the local inhabitants– a distribution model that has greatly contributed to the success of the wildlife conservation work carried out here.

Markhor, Ibex, Urial and Wild Boar

We have established a partnership with Zoon Safaris – a reputable, well established outfitter, offering all the different types of hunt that are available in Pakistan. Licenses and trophy fees for the individual mountain game fluctuate in both price and availability from year and year, depending of tha availability of animals and market demand. At the lower end of the price spectrum lie the wild boar hunts, which can be arranges as either individual hunts or driven hunts. Ibex hunts are somewhat more expensive while the hunts for the rarer species, for example, the sub-species of markhor are, because of the limited number of licenses and the high international demand for them, are amongst some of the most expensive hunting arrangements in the world.

Zoon Safari arrange hunting for the following species: Kashmir markhor, Astor markhor, Suleiman markhor, Himalayan ibex, Sindh ibex, blue sheep, Punjab urial, Blandford urial, Afghan urial and wild boar. No matter which hunt you travel to Pakistan for, a very distinctive travel experience awaits you here, in a culture that is totally different from that which most of us are used to moving about in. Expect long days travelling, driving for may hours along bad roads. The countryside is wild and physically challenging. Real adventure awaits you here.

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