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Hunting Districts - Pakistan

Many different districts are used in the hunts for the different game species available in Pakistan. This is because the species available for hunting are spread out over much of the country – often you can only hunt one species in each district, and as the licenses are relatively few in number, you may only hunt in the district that has been allocated. Generally, this system ensures that the authorities only issue licenses for areas where continuous monitering has  shown the population of the game species in question is strong to sustain limited hunting. It also ensures that the district will contain the game species you are seeking.

Some of the hunting districts are amongst the most inaccessible areas on earth, so hunters must expect a long and often strenuous time on the last leg of the journey between the international airport and the hunting district – all part of the adventure !

If you are interested in a specific arrangement , Zoon Safari can naturally give much more detailed information about the actual hunting district.

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