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Dik Dik, Salt's

Scientific Name: Madoqua saltiana

Subspecies: Phillip's Dik-Dik (M.s. phillipsi) Swayne's Dik-Dik (M. s. swayney) Harrar Dik-Dik (M. s. harrensis)

Distribution: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

Habitat: Bush and thickets, often in connection with mountains.

Description: The three species are here descriped as one, as the difference between them is negligable. Small antelope weighing 3 - 4 kg, with a shoulder height normally not exceeding 40 cm. Nose only slightly elongated. Neck and back often grizzled grey, flanks bright cinnamon rufous. It has white markings over the eyes. The horns are straight and sloping backwards in the plane of the face, slender and ridged.

Hunting method: Pursch.

Hunting available in: Ethiopia.

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