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Duiker, Grey/Duiker, Grimm's (Common)

Scientific Name: Sylvicapra Grimmia

Subspecies: Classification of subspecies is very variable, we have chosen only to count two: Western Bush Duiker and East African Bush Duiker.

Distribution: From the desert rim in Northern Africa to the Southern tip of the Continent, the West African rainforest excepted.

Habitat: As the species is a typical bush duiker it lives, as the name suggests in almost any variety of bush and on the fringes of the West African rainforest.

Description: Small antelope with a weight of 15 - 18 kg and a shoulder height of 45 - 60 cm. General colour uniformly grizzled, from yellowish ochraceous to bright fawn mixed with grey. Has, like some of the other Duikers, a characteristic crest of hair between the horns.

Hunting method: Lying in wait and pursch.

Hunting available in: Almost all countries with trophy hunts south of the North African desert rim.

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