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Hartebeest, Jackson’s

Scientific Name: Alcelaphus buselaphus cookie x lelwel (formerly known as A. b. jacksoni)

Subspecies: Now thought to be a crossbreed between two subspecies of hartebeest, the Lelwel - and Coke’s hartebeest, although it is regarded by some authors as synonymous to the Lelwel hartebeest

Distribution: Uganda and Kenya close to Lake Victoria

Habitat: Dry savannah, open plains and wooded grasslands, especially on the boundary between open and more wooded areas.

Description: A large antelope with an elongated forehead, up-sloping body, long legs, short neck and points ears. Light reddish brown in colour, Both males and females have horns, rather unusual in shape and usually between 45 - 70cm in length. The female’s horns are more slender.

Hunting method: Stalking

Hunting available in: Uganda

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