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Swan Hills

The hunting district lies in central Alberta, circa. 170 km north of the city of Edmonton and stretches over a few thousand square kilometers. The hunting district consists of mixed areas of  forest, large open oil fields, areas of newly cleared forest together with more mountainous areas. To move around in the hunting district you will utilise Argo ATVs, standard ATVs, UTVs, and 4x4 cars, depending on which type of terrain you will be hunting in.
You will hunt in the open forest clearances, the large oil fields and along the old forest roads. It is here where the new grass and fresh plant shoots, which are important food sources for the bears during the spring, grow. Black bears are omnivores, but largely eat vegetation such as, for example, grass, berries, roots and shoots etc. However during the spring black bears do eat many small mammals, insects and fish, as it has a great need for protein after its many months of hibernation.

During the hunt you will have the chance of observing many of the region’s game species, such as moose, deer, grizzly bear, wolves and of course black bears. If you have always dreamt of hunting a black bear in the Canadian wilderness, our partners will be happy to make your dream come true.

What should I remember to pack:

  • A good sleeping bag
  • Hunting equipment
  • Waterproof/ windproof hunting clothes etc.
  • Riffle and ammunition
  • Good rubber boots / Boots suitable for stalking
  • Hunting knife
  • Warm clothes/ clothes you can change into
  • Binoculars                                                                       
  • Your personal effects (toiletries etc.)
  • A camera


Temperatures in May can swing from 0 - 20 degrees celcius. We recommend you bring warm, windproof clothing.

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